Christina Sandefur – Goldwater Institute The “Right To Try” Legislation

Christina Sandefur – Vice President of The Goldwater Institute joined The Coalition Talk Radio to discuss “Right To Try” Legislation. On the heels of the passage of Pennsylvania legislation allowing terminally ill patients access to experimental medical treatments (The 38th State In The Nation), Ms. Sandefur presents a compelling analysis of the ultimate human right […]

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The #MyLibertyStory campaign

Hello, Recently I listened to an interview of Adam Kokesh on the Tom Woods show. I honestly say the interview filled my head with many ideas but one of them is from a comment made that there isn’t enough stories of how people became libertarians. So what I have done is start the #MyLibertyStory campaign. […]

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Free Markets and Europe

Free Markets and EuropeBy Alex Merced  When you hear left wing politicians like Bernie Sander and Hillary Clinton argue for policies that require forced transfers of wealth (high taxes with generous welfare programs), they often site European nations as country who have succeeded with these types of policies? Do these countries truly combines the level […]

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Libertarian 101

So over the last few political seasons you’ve had a few questions about this term you’ve kept hearing people mention, “Libertarian”. Essentially libertarians are those who look at all questions regarding government and policy from the perspective of the golden rule (do unto others as you’d have done unto yourself). Although, libertarian philosophy and tradition […]

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Debunking Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump on Trade and Immigration

The Dark Horse candidates for the republican and democrat primaries (Donald Trump & Bernie Sanders respectively) have both expressed skepticism of Immigration and Trade in regard to U.S. Wages and Wealth. To me the ignorance that this exemplifies results in promoting a xenophobic sentiment with hostility towards globalization that I find well… offensive. So below […]

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Below are links to many articles about some of the most contested issues when trying to defend the free market to people who are not free market declined. So the point of this post is to aggregate many of articles to help articulate the historical knowledge needed to promote free market policies.WHAT HAPPENED WITH THE […]

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How Stock Market Crashes Work

By Alex Merced ( For those who wonder how stock market crashes hurt an economy, they really don’t (They are a Symbol of an already damaged economy) here’s a simplified look at it: – economy is good, investments make money – in order to make larger investments people borrow (margin) making their returns on the […]

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